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Emergency Spill Response and Management
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PetroChem is ready to respond to your emergency, whether on land or water!

-  24-Hours a Day/7 Days a Week/365 Days A Year Response
-  HAZWOPER 40 Hour Trained Personnel
-  Oil/Hazardous Materials Spill Control
-  No Fee Retainer Agreements
-  Nationwide Response Through Subcontractor Network
-  Emergency Action Plans
-  Site Remediation/Restoration
-  Liaison Between Regulatory Authorities and Clients
-  Timely Reporting (following state guidelines)
-  Spill Control Products Distributor

PetroChem maintains a 24-Hour Emergency Response Team to provide timely
containment and mitigation of chemical and petroleum spills. We can quickly
mobilize our extensive fleet of company owned emergency response and recovery
equipment/materials to the spill scene to begin immediate containment and
mitigation activities.

PetroChem is classified as an Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) by the U.S. Coast Guard, and each member of the response team is 40-Hour Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response (HazWOpER) trained. An experienced on-site Spill Coordinator manages the cleanup and acts as a liaison between the client and regulatory authorities.

PetroChem has successfully responded to thousands of spill incidents from small tank/drum leaks to train derailments, overturned transport vehicles and ship collisions in the Mid-Atlantic region. We also offer nationwide spill management through a Subcontractor Network, and through national retainer contracts, PetroChem has coordinated spill response activities in nineteen (19) states. In addition to spill containment and cleanup, PetroChem performs sampling, packaging, and disposal of the recovered product.
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