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Marine Shipboard and Industrial Storage Tank Cleaning/Pumping Services
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-  Tank Cleaning
    -  Process Tanks
    -  Shipboard
    -  Field Tanks
    -  Oil/Water Separators
    -  Underground Tanks
    -  Railcars
-  Fuel Polishing
-  Marine Transfer (Fuel/Chemical)
-  Industrial Maintenance and Cleaning
-  Vacuum Truck Services
-  Bilge Cleaning
-  Emergency Pumping/Product Transfer
-  Confined Space Entry (Procedures in compliance with 29 CFR OSHA 1910.146
-  Tank/Hydrostatic Pipeline Testing
-  Water Blasting
-  Gas Freeing
-  Non-Hazardous Wastewater Disposal

PetroChem is qualified to handle your marine and industrial needs. Since we use our own equipment, we can provide you with cost-effective services on a routine or a 24-Hour emergency basis. PetroChem provides cleaning of petroleum and chemical tanks, oil/water separators, and industrial process tanks, while also providing marine transfer, pumping and vacuum truck services. We also offer fuel polishing, in which we pump the fuel from your tank to filter out the impurities, and then place it back in your tank for use. We can provide fuel polishing for AST's/UST's, trucks and marine storage tanks. Our services can be tailored to fit your needs, whether you need single tank cleanup or a complete management program for your tanks or facility. PetroChem can provide you with exceptional work on an as needed basis or on a scheduled maintenance contract.
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