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Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Management/Disposal
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-  Waste Sampling and Waste Stream Profiling
-  Lab Pack Management
-  Waste Packaging, Labeling, and Manifesting
-  Waste Inventory/Audits
-  Waste Minimization
-  Mercury Clean-up and Remediation
-  PCB Removal
-  Drum Services
-  Licensed Hazardous and Medical Waste Transporter
-  Bulk Waste Management
-  Non-Hazardous Wastewater Disposal
-  Cleaning and Decontamination of Manufacturing Areas
-  Hazardous Site Remediation

PetroChem provides turn-key hazardous and non-hazardous waste management
and disposal services. We offer disposal of liquid and solid materials, from sample
lab packs and drums, to cubic yard boxes and other bulk materials.

PetroChem can perform all the steps of PCB transformer decommissioning, to include pumping and disposal, as well as complete mercury removal and disposal. Our Hazardous Materials personnel are OSHA trained and highly experienced in all aspects of waste sampling, waste stream profiling, manifesting, waste packaging, labeling, and transportation of waste materials to EPA permitted disposal facilities. We can perform audits of your waste streams, and after review, are able to develop a disposal plan to fit your needs, with various options such as: Incineration, Fuel Blending, Aqueous Treatment, Recycling/Recovery, and Secure Chemical Landfill.

PetroChem also utilizes the services of an independent testing laboratory to provide quality control and quality assurance of lab analyses for waste disposal, as well as analyses required to confirm successful remediation of contaminated areas from improper storage or spills of hazardous materials.
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